HW Woodwork Company Services

HW Woodwork provides the following services:

Preliminary Budgeting: With years of experience we are able to pull together architectural woodwork budgets from sketches or concept drawings for an accurate estimate by item or lump sum by area. We also can provide laid up veneer samples or shop painted finishes in multiple finishes or sheens for owner/designer review during the design development process.

Estimating: All of our estimating is done in-house. We provide detailed scoped estimates and we are able to break-out pricing based on areas, items or processes. This helps a contractor, owner representative or architect in reviewing the scope of work and understanding the overall costs.

Engineering and Drafting: We provide a single in-house engineer to handle your project. This single person will distribute work to other draftspersons where needed throughout the project so all the details and implementation are consistent in your project. This engineer works closely with the architect and/or interior designer to make sure all the significant details have been addressed in the shop drawing process.

Project Management: We provide a project executive to manage the project. The project executive makes all determinations on schedule, change orders, production and installation. Our project managers have a strong background in the cabinet making field and are able to talk directly about construction methods, detailing, finishing and installation. They can be a valuable source and a wealth of knowledge for an interior designer, architect or contractor.

Production: Senior cabinet makers and finishers have a minimum of 15 years of experience. They are all versed in the art of matching and laying up veneers, and old world joinery for architectural woodwork and furniture. They pay absolute attention to the details of each facet of each project. These are the things that can’t be addressed in a shop drawing but actually comes from the eye and touch of our craftsperson.

Shipping: All of our finished product is wrapped with blankets or foam wrap before shipping and each piece is marked for the room and area in which it is being installed. This helps the installers maximize efficiency as they begin unwrapping for the installation process. We are able to ship your product numerous ways from our own trucks, or contract moving companies; we even have a rail spur for loading containers for product being shipped overseas or cross country.

Installation: We provide our own installation. We are able to provide either union or non-union installation crews. All of our installers are versed in the art of installing complex architectural woodwork and furniture. We provide an on-site foreman with an understanding of the project, the capability to coordinate the installation intricacies with other trades and the contractor for a seamless installation.

Specialties: We are able to provide any specialties that integrate with the architectural woodwork. Such specialties may be metals, structural steel, custom hardware, glass or back painted glass, solid surface materials, stone, marble or granite, fabric wrapped panels, leather wrapped products or paneling, upholstered panels or furniture.

Additionally, we are able to provide custom carved one-of-a-kind pieces, and we are able to provide turned columns up to a ten-foot length on our custom lathe. This gives us the capability to glue up the material for color and graining, giving you the finest turnings available.